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This was a post I wrote back in March 2017 (!)

I have purposefully not blogged or posted on instagram for a long time now. You may have noticed that I am currently travelling – 77 days to be precise – across south east Asia. I thought this would provide me the perfect opportunity to get some creative space and start to build on my vision. It definitely has done that but yet again I learn that things don’t happen over night nor do they happen if you force them. So I’ve been taking timeout for me and letting my blog posts come to me more organically.

I have always wanted to travel and been fascinated by the greater world but most importantly I wanted to get some perspective on my fast-past, hectic, colourful, Twenty-something female, city slicker, socialite, do-I-need-to-grow-up-yet life. I had started to feel I had lost my way a little bit and needed a lifestyle pause. I say lifestyle pause as I’m not taking time out from life – I’m doing the opposite- throwing myself into it – but it’s easy to lose your way in our modern society and what it means to be you. I’m not wanting to change but make some tweaks- yes. I needed to challenge myself, push my comfort zone and have a little prep talk to myself. I’ve since heard a great quote which sums up my actions: “I don’t travel to escape life, I travel so life doesn’t escape me.” Thumbs up from me! 🙂

Being in a different country shows you sides of yourself you never knew you had. Some you like. Others you may not……You are in extreme circumstances at times so you’re actions and decisions sometimes surprise you. It’s also highlighted character traits of mine- for example on how I handle stress etc and how I can work on that. However, the most important aspect of this trip is to re-learn how to be present, be grateful and to be all there. If I’m sat blogging I’m not fully present in the current moment. Also my writing is honest and personal so having to force myself to write feels unnatural and not being true to the reason why I started this blog. Travel life moves so fast as your forever moving on, booking the next place that I haven’t had much time to reflect. Before I knew it I hadn’t written in over a month and I didn’t want to spend my time reflecting and remembering where I had been/seen/done when I should be indulging and living in the current moment.

This is personally important for me because I am such a busy person that I’m trying to teach myself the act of pausing. I put ‘me time’ at the end of every to do list and it’s time to change that.

I’m currently sat on a beach in Vietnam. It’s over cast so tanning is now not my priority! Ha! And so my mind started wandering…the sea is a little more rough than usual, it’s quite dramatic and I find the sound quite pensive and helps me to focus my thoughts. So I grabbed my iPad and started to write this post.

I’ve had hundreds of thoughts whilst being away. 1. Due to the amount of clear mind time I’ve had. 2. Because something I’ve experienced had reminded me. 3. The amount of sleep I’ve had is ridiculous (!) honestly I can’t stop sleeping some days….!? But I’ve noticed in my dreams how much I’ve been filtering out old thoughts, worries and fears. It feels freeing and liberating. I’m obviously dealing with ‘stuff’ clearing out for the next part of my journey. And again reiterates to me the importance of good quality sleep. (See blog post- ‘Sleep is the Best Meditation’)

I’ve also started to come to terms with a few things that I wanted to work on personally and finally accept what I’ve been avoiding and I’m making a plan to hit them head on. All of which I’m sure I’ll discuss through my blog posts as I use this to offload my mind. So thanks for listening/reading if you’re still with me on this !!

So that in a nutshell – sorry I can chat forever – is why I’ve not been blogging of late. Of course I’ve been taking notes (mainly mental ones!) and I have soooo much to share with you about my travels but for now I’m taking my own advice to be in the moment, to pause and be grateful for where I am right now. You don’t have to grow up, ever, but it’s important to grow as a person.

The destination is never what you think, so make sure you enjoy the journey. Moments are fleeting and if you’re looking too far forward you may miss what’s happening right in front of you. And that may be more important.

Thanks for sticking with me !

Signing out from Vietnam,
With love,Lianne ox


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