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Hey lovelies – We are off again to the next coastal location – Mirissa. It was easiest to get a Tuk Tuk driver to take us there as it’s only 40 minutes along the coast. I think we agreed on 1500LKR (£8) And the nicest views !

Mirissa again is a cove of sand and good surf and is a popular surfers destination. The Beach here is much more touristy and there are some lovely bars and restaurants. It is a little more pricey as it’s popular with tourists so this area was the most expensive for us.

Our accommodation was set back just off the main strip called Hotel Vacanza. Nice large rooms with A/C. If you can afford A/C it is worth it just to get a better nights sleep and to escape the 38degree heat and 90% humidity. Not to mention the mozzies too. They absolutely went to town on me so the A/C respite was very much welcomed. Again all our accommodation was booked through booking.com. 

Our main reason for stopping in Mirissa was to do the famous Whale Watching. It is seasonal, as when it’s mating season the blue whales move into warmer waters so check when you visit if it is the right time of year. Now obviously this is a big tourist attraction and there are around 30 companies now doing it with boats that hold up to 80 people. We did a lot of research on which company to use and found one that put the animal and environment first. Whale watching with Geeth is who we highly recommend. 4000LKR each (£21) You can read my review along with others on trip advisor here.

It was a humbling experience getting to enjoy these gigantic creatures in their natural habitat. Oh it is an early start – 6.30am collection so word of warning if you’re not a morning person!

One night only in Marissa and then it was time to head north and inland. There is another coastal destination called Tangalle which we had planned on visiting but sadly ran out of time. It is meant to be another beautiful beach town and fishing village so do stop by if you have the chance. I’ve heard great things. 🙂

We got a Tuk Tuk to the next main bus station where we got on one of the local buses to Tissamahara. We were heading here as it’s right next to Yala National Park to do a safari. The journey was around 4 hours and cost us 190LKR each (£1) After a sticky, cramped but fascinating rollercoaster of a bus ride (seriously the buses just plough down the road at 100kmph and just honk at other vehicles to get out the way – like I said –  not for the fain hearted !) We arrive at a Tree House Resort called RiverSide Cabana.

Sri Lanka so far has been pretty damn good. It has been quite fast paced for us due to our time limit, so like I said if you can take longer then do, as it’s nice to soak it up a little longer.

I’ll be back with my next post on everything Safari and The Hill Country. Stay tuned….

Oh and thanks for reading this if you’ve made it all the way down here 🙂

Love, Lianne
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