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We Look but do we really See…

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s fabulous to see so many people opening up about their experiences and people being open enough to listen to them. Even our new Royals are leading the way with Will, Kate and Harry launching the Heads Together campaign to lift the stigma on mental health.

I can only speak for myself but we all have so much more going on in our lives in this modern day world, so much more available to us and so many more choices and decisions to be made that it is easy to become suffocated by them. Social media opens up that world again and throws in the detrimental feeling of comparison. We feel the need to demonstrate a happy life rather than creating one that allows us to be ourselves. We all have the right to discover and grow, learn and fail, be happy, sad, lonely, angry, scared, excited, proud; but to share some of these emotions on social media is ‘not the done thing’….but it still exists. And it is screaming out in some of those ‘happy’ posts. No matter how many filters, quotes, emojis we use, sometimes there is a hidden truth. We are so consumed with portraying a positive image that we often don’t allow ourselves to share or deal with our problems or issues.

Don’t believe everything you see or read – it maybe someones’ way of coping. Maybe they just needed a boost today. Likewise if you know someone who does this often, offer them the opportunity to talk. The more we talk about it the more we realise how prevalent and present it is in todays society. When I opened up to friends about my challenges, I was surprised to hear they had been through similar things. I felt relief. It was ok to feel those things and struggle at times. You aren’t alone. And a problem shared is a problem halved. It’s also great to see so many people reaching out and sharing their experiences on social media as it’s a positive encouragement for everyone to talk. So lets talk !

So, I ask you to not just look, but really see. Notice the people around you. Offer them a smile even if it’s a stranger on the tube. The little things really do make a difference. Offer to make someone a cup of tea at work or pick up their lunch for them. Be kind- always. Everyone has something going on and kindness is free. What you give out you will receive and maybe we can make this hectic world just slightly more comfortable to live in.

Happy Sunday lovelies.

With love, Lianne ox


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