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Happy Sunday lovelies!

So this is my first 30before30 blog post – yey- finally! (I’ve had a few technical issues and me and mac almost fell out !) Anyway… I managed to find myself an affordable art/craft session and attended a couple of weeks ago and it was just delightful!

I found the experience on Air bnb – I didn’t even know they did these. But they have loads of activities and all over the world. They include anything from local tours, to cooking classes, to bike rides- anything and everything – your must check it out!

I booked on the London Wildflower Afternoon Tea. A 3.5 hour session with all materials and lunch included. Fab! Her tag line for the session is – ‘creativity as a method of relaxation’ – which just ticked all of my boxes.

Nikki is the host and she is so warm and friendly and instantly makes you feel comfortable and welcome. Her company ldnwildflower is an online handmade ceramic and jewellery company – check out her super cute pieces here.



The session begins seated around a table which is beautifully decorated with dried petals, twigs and cute hand-crafted pottery. The views across London are stunning which also makes for a peaceful setting. Low music plays in the background to provide a creative focused mindset. Nikki sets up your workstation complete with mat, cutting tools, mini rolling pin, water and of course clay.

She teaches you some techniques and tips and you create a small pot as your first piece. You then decorate it using textures and lettering and then they are left on the balcony to dry out. Nikki uses air dry clay so you’re pieces are able to travel home with you at the end of the session.

More clay arrives on your work station and you are encouraged to let your creative side run wild! Nikki promotes the experience as “creativity for relaxation” which is what attracted me. Using your hands engages your brain differently and by working with your hands you are more calm.

This time I made a small ring tray to match the pot I made. But the ideas are endless- people have made pineapples and even dinosaurs!


We then took a short break whilst Nikki served a delightful afternoon tea. Honestly it was truly gorgeous and truly scrumptious- the presentation, the colours and the flavours! And we even had a dessert tray too! Accompanied with lots of tea – my fave 🙂

The second half of the session we decorated a ceramic piece with paint and dried petals. Again your creativity can run wild and free and this was probably my favourite part.



The whole session was just lovely and I loved being engaged and focused – getting messy and creative! I had forgotten how liberating making something can be as you’re engaged physically as well as mentally. And usually the only thing we use our hands for now is to type so it was so refreshing to use them in a different way!

The session made me slow down and take my time as I really cared about my creations. It’s so healthy and important to take creative breaks and use our hands/bodies and I certainly want to make more time for this in my life. Also the perfectionist in me had to take a back seat – as you have to let the clay do what it wants to do. The imperfections are what makes each creation unique and beautiful and I like that. In fact, I love that. And the less control I had the more relaxed I felt and the better my pieces turned out.

I absolutely loved my session…if only every week could start with a bit of messy creativity.




Image from London Wildflower Website


So if you fancy anything like this- please get in touch with Nikki. You won’t be disappointed and it definitely exceeded my expectations. It would be a great gift idea for a friend’s birthday, Mother’s Day or even for a hen party or baby shower.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

With love,
Lianne ox

Click here to book on a session. 



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