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Hi all,

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve manage to write a post. I’ve been pretty busy over the past few weeks and I will tell you more soon.

However….. I’ve been meaning to post this blog about an event I attended and to let you all know of a couple of really great websites which I use to find out about really cool stuff happening in London.

So a few weeks ago, on a Saturday morning I had the pleasure of attending a Blossom City workout. A what? So Lululemon has paired up with Blossom City by D&D Events to bring you a series of Saturday morning workouts to have you literally jumping into the weekend. What’s also great is that it is all in support of the gynaecological charity- Lady garden – so you’re doing something for yourself and others, all hosted through

The classes are held at the stunning South Place Hotel (Liverpool st) in their secret garden (wow). The space is intimate but means the classes are small and personal. The garden is roofless and is a tropical oasis with leaf printed cushions scattered across sofas and there’s even a mini waterfall – ah bliss. Our instructor this week was Harriet from BarreCore. (Learn more about this fitness style and classes here) Harriet’s energy and enthusiasm really helped get you motivated as we squatted and starjumped in the morning sun. The workout was a combination of BarreCore and Hiit so alternated between high intensity cardio to get your heart rate up and slower pulsing moves to activate and strengthen your muscles…. killer! After an hour long sweat sesh filled with laughter we stretched out under a sunny sky.

Being outdoors gave the workout a fresh feeling and was so nice to look up at the clouds – even during the arduous ab set. Finally we thanked our bodies for lasting the session (and also apologised for what we may do to them that Saturday night – as gin will definitely be making an appearance later) !

We revitalised with a complimentary Press smoothie (yum) and took away a gift bag! (Incl. lululemon discount card, South Place Hotel complimentary bubbles voucher & Henney body oil)

After freshening up in the marble changing rooms (#RoomInspo!)  I stepped out into the sun ready to face Saturday. Best start to my weekend by far.


The Blossom City Workouts  unfortunately have now finished, but if you want to try out something similar or want to find out about other quirky events in London then check out the designmynight website. My absolute go-to site at the moment. 🙂

I’m also loving D&D London. They are mainly a site for luxury and fresh to the scene restaurants but also have other events and cool stuff going on too.

I hope you enjoyed the post!




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