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So, one of my best friend’s set us both the challenge of coming up with a list on our 29th birthdays. Now when I turned 29 I’d just decided to go travelling (#77daysaroundasia) so my time/money/thoughts and planning were wrapped up in my trip. The list took a back seat. Until the other weekend when I sat down and finally completed it.

I’ve decided to share my 30before30 list as it was one of my motivations for starting this blog. It also gives you a little more insight into who I am, what I am about, what I enjoy and why you may bother to read my future posts….

Now it’s only 2 months (gulp) until I turn 30 so I ain’t gonna tick everything off before then. And I don’t want to. The main point of this list is to not rush through it but to enjoy the things I’ve wanted to do for so long. So I’m allowing myself to complete my challenges throughout the year of being 30 too. I find it hard to shut off from work because I love what I do and it’s often a 24 hour job….but by setting myself this list of goals/achievements I’m going to make the time to book them in and savour each one.

I want to document each experience so I will be blogging about each experience as and when I do it. Some of them I’ll share by vlogging – so stay tuned for that! (Wish me luck!)

If you have been thinking of creating a similar list or setting yourself some goals then here are some tips I thought about when creating my 30before30 list.

  • What did you love doing as a kid – painting, dancing, baking?
  • What parts of the world have you been desperate tosee?Are you in your dream job – can you take steps now to change that
  • What are your fears? Maybe try and defeat one of those?
  • Treats – designer bag, shoes, camera, luxury holiday – have you ever wanted to buy something you could never justify?

Happy list making lovelies!

With love,

My 30 Before 30 List:

  1. No Credit on Credit Card – I’m actually very good with money but I just want to start afresh.
  2. Book an acting commercial – I have a new commercial agent so fingers crossed !
  3. Go to the airport not knowing my destination – because i’m such a control freak usually
  4. Climb a Mountain – to watch the sunrise and be blown away by nature
  5. See one of the 7 wonders of the world – it’s on everyone’s bucket list – right?
  6. Go to the rainforest – I love the outdoors
  7. Volunteer/Charity work – to give something back and realise that we can all help in some way
  8. Art Class – because I used to love art & crafts when I was a kid
  9. Start to learn a second language – because I think bi-lingual people are sexy ! 🙂
  10. Regular at Yoga – to help me focus and find stillness
  11. Take my parents out for a posh dinner – because they are my rocks and I want to show them how grateful I am even through this tiny gesture
  12. Hot Air balloon Ride – face a fear
  13. Triathlon – I love a physical challenge
  14. Half-Marathon – did i mention i like a physical challenge ?!
  15. Sky-Dived – face another fear
  16. Learn to bake bread – isn’t just the best smell !
  17. Online business presence -start making steps towards my chosen career
  18. Zipwire in wales/Go Ape – i’m a bit of a thrill seeker
  19. Plant a tree – to reduce my carbon footprint – i’m trying to be more environmentally conscious so want to be considerate of this
  20. Visit 2 more UK Cities/destinations – we live in such a beautiful place so I want to see more
  21. Visit 2 more European Cities/destinations – with Brexit and all that…. best do it sooner rather than later….
  22. Own a decent Camera – I love physical photos and memories….we don’t have as many physical photos anymore
  23. Take a photography class – I wanna take better photos
  24. Learn 5 new recipes for a dinner party – I hate cooking but I love hosting – so I need some staple recipes to host a decent dinner party
  25. Surf lesson – adrenalin junkie
  26. Do something nice anomomously to 5 people – Kindness not only makes the other person feel better but it makes you feel great too! I love helping people and sometimes the extra fiver in your pocket can serve someone else better
  27. Learn to meditate – to gain focus, balance and calm
  28. Get new headshots and showreel – after a year or so out of the game – it’s about time…..
  29. Own a decent leather jacket – I want to own an investment piece
  30. Own a piece of Art – I love art and want to start my own collection



  1. Katie
    07/02/2017 / 00:55

    LOVE your 30 before 30 list! Can’t wait to follow how you get on ticking each one off the list! X

  2. journalofablonde
    07/02/2017 / 14:52

    Aw thanks lovely! Some fun times ahead I hope! x

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